Peter Hine

Laboratory Technician

Peter has his B.S. in Biology from Denison Univeristy, where he concentrated his studies in botany and environmental science. While he was an undergraduate at Denison, he was able to master a wide variety of lab techniques, and worked as a teaching assistant for several courses. Peter was chosen to be a tutor for the biology major requirement courses, where he was able to share his nuanced understanding of ecology and plant science. During his senior year at Denison, Peter conducted an independent and self designed research project where he evaluated the impact of invasive species on Northern deciduous forests. Over his summer breaks, he has worked as an arboretum maintenance intern for Connecticut college and as a preservation maintenance intern for The Old Lyme Land Trust in his home town.

Peter's long time passion for the environment eventually led him to BlueNalu, where he is now responsible for ensuring that the lab continues to run smoothly. Peter is excited to be part of such an experienced team, and looks forward to helping contribute to a bright future for both BlueNalu and the world's oceans.