About BlueNalu


Our Mission

BlueNalu's mission is to be the global leader in cellular aquaculture™, providing consumers with great tasting, healthy, safe, and trusted seafood products that support the sustainability and diversity of our oceans. 

Global demand for seafood is at an all time high, as consumers are increasingly choosing to eat the extraordinary variety of delicious and nutritious seafood products that exist worldwide. Unfortunately, our global supply for seafood cannot keep pace with this demand, as populations of marine species have halved since 1970. This is due to overfishing, illegal fishing, rising ocean temperatures, acidification, the effects of trawling, and a number of other environmental, social, and political challenges.

At the same time, consumers are looking for more from their food choices. Consumers are increasingly concerned about animal welfare and the conditions in which fish are farmed and caught. In addition, they are increasingly concerned about their own personal welfare, as seafood can be a source of mercury, toxins and poisons; pathogens, viruses, and parasites; micro-particles of plastics due to plastic pollution in our oceans and seas; and a variety of other environmental pollutants.

BlueNalu will be a third option and supplement current industry practice, in which fish are farmed or wild-caught in our ocean and seas. We will produce real seafood products directly from fish cells, that are as delicious and nutritious as products that have been grown conventionally, in a way that is healthy for people, humane for animals, and sustainable for our planet. 

Our vision is not new. In fact, in 1931, Winston Churchill boldly predicted that “We shall escape the absurdity of growing a whole chicken in order to eat a breast or a wing, by growing these parts separately under a suitable medium… The new foods will be practically indistinguishable from the natural products from the outset, and any changes will be so gradual as to escape observation.” BlueNalu has identified the technical and business means that will enable the vision of Winston Churchill to finally be realized.  BlueNalu will be the pioneer in “cellular aquaculture™”, in which living cells are isolated from fish tissue, placed into culture media for proliferation, and then assembled into great-tasting fresh and frozen seafood products.

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Our Origins, Name and Logo

BlueNalu began when its co-founders first met in Hawaii to discuss an opportunity to create an innovative company that will transform the global seafood industry.  The beautiful state of Hawaii was the perfect setting for this meeting, as it is one of the most biologically diverse regions on the planet, located in the center of the Pacific Ocean, and nearly 2500 miles from any large land mass.  The Company was created and quickly named BlueNalu.

Nalu is a word of Hawaiian origin, and conveys the essence of our Company:

  • As a noun, nalu most commonly refers to the waves and surf of the moana --- the ocean.

  • As a verb, nalu means meditate, ponder, contemplate. “Nalu it” is also street slang, for “go with the flow” but be mindful at the same time

We are excited to bring about a new “wave of thinking” – and a BlueNalu movement – that will provide a responsible solution to the global demand for seafood, and the significant environmental and sustainability issues that exist today.

Our logo was designed as a way to demonstrate that we can enjoy great tasting seafood products without any harm to live fish, in which fish can continue to survive and thrive in our oceans.  Our logo reinforces this duality – yin and yang – and the wholeness and balance that results when we are conscious of the tremendous challenges that currently exist in our seafood industry, and the changes we can make by adopting a more thoughtful and holistic perspective. 

BlueNalu is based in San Diego, California.