Marinés García

Research Assistant II

Marinés has her B.S. in Cell Biology from the Central University of Venezuela (Universidad Central de Venezuela). There, she had the opportunity to study the effect of different natural-synthesized compounds on calcium homeostasis in Trypanosoma cruzi, a parasite that causes Chagas disease, as well in human erythrocytes’ PMCA, as her research thesis.

After graduating, she joined the Quality Control department at a food company in Venezuela, where she served as a Microbiology Analyst. Most recently, she worked as an Associate Cell Biologist at ScienCell Research Laboratories, where she developed various skills on primary cell culture and immunostaining by working with numerous cell types. She supported other activities in her department such as fibronectin purification using FPLC, and manufacturing different cell-based assays and molecular products.

In her free time, Marinés likes to exercise and explore new places in her new community. She’s looking forward to working with a smart team focused on developing quality seafood products, and at the same time making a contribution to preserving our environment.