Francis Bauzon

Research Associate II

Francis has his B.S. in Neuroscience from Binghamton University. Most recently, he served as the Associate Manager of Protocol Development at Allele Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals — the first company in the United States to have a cGMP facility dedicated to the production of iPSCs — and helped build the facility from its very inception.

At Allele, Francis specialized in optimizing protocols for fibroblast isolation, iPSC reprogramming and expansion, as well as cardiomyocyte differentiation. He forged these skills both in an R&D setting as well as the demanding environment of an ISO 7 cleanroom. He gained extensive firsthand experience in managing all aspects of a manufacturing operation, including inventory management, equipment maintenance, reagent preparation, and training new technicians.

Francis is also an avid photographer, and maintains an extensive collection of carnivorous plants. He is currently the lead photographer for Native Exotics, an exotic plant nursery that maintains in-vitro cultures of dozens of rare and endangered carnivorous plant species for ex-situ conservation.

He is excited to make new discoveries at BlueNalu that will help bring tasty seafood to consumers without further burdening our oceans.