Rami Nasrallah

Research Scientist III

Rami Nasrallah — known by some as “the cell whisperer” — is a seasoned cell biology scientist with over 15 years of professional experience. His research and work has been focused in several areas including regenerative medicine using stem cell therapies, primary cell isolation, media development, bio-process development, assay development, tissue engineering, and 3D bioprinting. Rami received his degree in molecular and cell biology from California State University, Long Beach.

Prior to joining BlueNalu, Rami was with Organovo, a biotechnology company aiming to create and design functional human tissue using 3D bioprinting. During his time there, Rami served in several different positions, including as a process development scientist and as a research scientist within the company’s Therapeutics group. His work focused on establishing upstream and downstream mammalian cell culture process development activities, while acting as a project lead overseeing custom 3D tissue engineering of diseased liver tissue as a model for drug development. Rami also worked on developing novel methods of tissue generation and, along with his team, developed new approaches in regenerative medicine targeting liver diseases. 

Prior to Organovo, Rami spent the bulk of his career at DaVinci Biosciences, a supplier of biological tools for drug discovery including human primary cells and specialized media. As key member of the DaVinci Biosciences team, Rami established culture methods to produce functional human primary stem cells while playing an essential role in the development of new cell products and serum-free media. He also led in training scientists in several laboratories in the U.S and abroad on adult stem cell isolation, establishment, cell culture techniques, and cell banking. His work focused on the discovery and development of cell-based therapies for degenerative diseases, and assessing umbilical cord stem cell therapeutic tools to be used in ongoing clinical trials.

Early on, Rami began his career with IVD Technologies, a medical device manufacturer in Orange County, California. There, he conducted ongoing research studies focused on immunoassay development and antibody isolation from cell lines for the regulated  In-Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) industry. Rami gained experience in developing experimental methods in compliance with GMP (good manufacturing practices), GLP (good laboratory practices) , and FDA standards and regulations.

In his free time Rami enjoys hiking, Crossfit, being active, and reading non-fiction books.