Chris Dammann, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

Chris is a scientific expert in molecular biology, cell biology, tissue culture, and genomics, with a diverse background in the assessment of intellectual property.  Most recently, he was founder and principal consultant of Dammann Consulting, a firm that advised companies on innovation management, technology development and licensing, focused on stem cell technologies, 3D bioprinting and tissue engineering.   

Previously, Chris served as the Director of Science & Technology at Intellectual Ventures, where he led the evaluation and triage of hundreds of inventions and developed product concepts, defined product development paths and identified assets for potential spinouts. As the life science expert of the fund, he advised management and inventors on scientific issues, experiment planning, project development and patent strategy. The topics covered diverse areas such as biotechnology, regenerative medicine, in vivo imaging, tissue engineering and drug delivery. In addition, Chris managed the extensive patent portfolio.  Earlier in his career, Chris served as Senior Scientist at BASF where he advised management on the acquisition of external assets and the evaluation of new technologies, and led projects on cell cultures, metabolic engineering and systems biology.  

Chris received his BS, MS, and PhD in Molecular Biology and Genetics from Freie Universität Berlin (Germany).  He served as a postdoctoral fellow at the Scripps Research Institute in San Diego, CA where he worked on cell biology, calcium signaling, protein phosphorylation mechanisms and subcellular protein targeting.