Bert Frohlich, Ph.D.

VP, Process Engineering

Bert is a PhD biochemical engineer with over 25 years of experience in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. The bulk of his experience has been in biopharmaceutical process development and manufacturing where he has developed, scaled up and implemented commercial-scale cell culture processes. His expertise ranges from growth medium development, bioprocess optimization and modeling, bioreactor design, to technology development and transfer and manufacturing support. He also has extensive knowledge of quality by design (QbD) and regulatory requirements. 

Most recently, Bert has been consulting in the bioprocess space covering most chemical, manufacturing and controls (CMC) aspects of bioproduct commercialization. In this role he has worked with clients to set strategic direction in process and manufacturing technology and infrastructure and in the design and implementation of high-level business processes towards improving work efficiency, costs, timelines, and product quality. Before consulting, Bert has held director-level positions at Shire, Amgen, EMD and Acambis (now Sanofi) and worked as a senior engineer at Genzyme, Biometics and Roche in process/facility design, bioprocess development and manufacturing technical services.

In his most recent management role, at Shire Pharmaceuticals, Bert was responsible for technology management and enjoys evaluating and developing new technologies. A chemical engineer by training, Bert has a unique skill set where he can leverage his earlier experience in the chemical industry in process engineering, design of process equipment, control systems and facilities and apply it to large-scale bioprocessing applications. He is excited about the prospect of developing clean meat products at an industrial scale and the positive environmental impact it will have.

Bert received his B.S and M. Eng. Degrees at Cornell University in Chemical Engineering and his Ph.D. at Tufts University in Biochemical Engineering.